- annual competition programmes in Vienna
- international promotion initiative for animation from Austria
- presented by ASIFA AUSTRIA

Since 2004 the ONE DAY ANIMATION FESTIVAL exists in Vienna, organised close to the International Animation Day, and is presenting animation from Austria. In 2010 we have started the competition for the Best Austrian Animation.
The prominent jury gives special mentions and the main prize, the ASIFA Austria Award, and the audience can choose its own awards, one per screening programme.

The main intentions for the event in Vienna are:
  • to give the audience an enjoyable annual overview about the relevant animation production
  • to serve as a meeting point for discussion and exchange for artists and students from all schools in Austria, which offer animation programmes or courses.

At the same time the BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION project wants to present animation from Austria internationally, using the following tools:

  • Printed cataloge: All films presented in the Best Austrian Animation competition programmes are included in a printed film catalogue.
  • Website: An expanded version of the cataloge.
  • A selection of films is also presented on our vimeo homepage.

So, in case you want to support us in promoting animation from Austria, pass over this information to your friends, visit and like our facebook or vimeo pages, and, in case you should be in Vienna in the end of november, visit our festival !

Organisation One Day Animation Festival: Thomas Renoldner, Sabine Groschup, Anita Fricek, Adnan Popovic
Contact, requests:

ACHILL | Gudrun Krebitz | 00:09:00 | 2012
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Analog and Hybrid Technique”

Real excitement is always kind of out of focus. Unfortunately. All joy lies buried in a blind rush and hasty perceptions. That‘s why I never got my eyes lasered.

Animation: Gudrun Krebitz | Music, Sound: Marian Mentrup | Camera: Moana Vonstadl |Producer: Verena Schilling
Production: University of Film and Television „Konrad Wolf“ - Potsdam-Babelsberg -
Distribution: University of Film and Television „Konrad Wolf“, Sixpack Film -


ANGRY HILLBILLIES - No. 6, Joshua | Klemens Waldhuber | 00:01:31 | 2013

A horse carriage approaches a house on a hill. As soon as it reaches the manor, the hill comes to life.

Animation, Sound: Klemens Waldhuber
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna -


ART ? - SOUNDS BORING ... | Clemens Gaisbauer & Joachim Dieplinger | 00:02:19 | 2013

An apparently extinct modern art museum is guarded by an old and shaky night guard. Well, this sounds boring...

Animation: Joachim Dieplinger, Clemens Gaisbauer, Hannah Oberherber, Melanie Zeinlinger
Music, Sound: Joachim Dieplinger, Melanie Zeinlinger | Editing: Joachim Dieplinger, Clemens Gaisbauer
Production: FH Hagenberg - | | |


brats (Extended Play) | Alexander Hengl | 00:10:00 | 2013

The „brats“ seem like a tribe of excited and sexless creatures connected through a collective spirit. Instead of using the classic storytelling format, artist/musician Alexander Hengl, member of „theclosing“, offers impressions that trigger subliminal emotions with this music-driven short.

Animation, Music, Editing: Alexander Hengl
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - |


Der lieben Maria Catarina Gräfin von Hohenfeld, geborene Gräfin Starhemberg gest. 1743
To the loved countess Cathrine Marie of Lerchenfeldt, born as countess of Starhemberg , † 1743
Painted by F. Stampart , 1721 | Ina Loitzl | 00:03:34 | 2013

“Ancestors” project from Ferdinand Orsini–Rosenberg was an invitation to overwork a very old portrait regardless what would be the result. My countess has to live with mice, jewelry, felt and laces. In between she suffers different emotions.

Animation, Music, Sound, Editing: Ina Loitzl |


der springende punkt - The Point | Thomas Brandstätter & Andrea Maurer | 00:04:25 | 2013

der springende punkt questions orientation in time and space: it chases its own point of reference through all kinds of perception models from micro- to macrocosm until it eventually flickers in bits and pieces into newly assembled wisdom.

Animation: Brandstätter/Maurer | Sound: Nicholas Hofmann | Editing: Thomas Brandstätter |


DER TOD DES M - The Death of M | Klemens Waldhuber | 00:03:39 | 2012
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Narrative Animation”

The Death of M: Based on the historical assassination of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat in 1793, two pieces of soap restage this event in a soap dish and create a new and more ‚theatrical‘ ending.

Animation, Editing: Klemens Waldhuber | Sound: Philipp Bömberger | Voices: Andreas Bussmann, Maxi Grabenwarter
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna -


Audience Award at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 - Telefonbuchpolka

The cult song by the Austrian-American singer-songwriter and comedian Georg Kreisler as an animated music commissioned by Makido film, ARTE and ZDF. video, commissioned by Makido film, ARTE and ZDF.

Animation: Benjamin Swiczinsky, Julia Ocker, Timur Tietze, Daniel Lundquist
Music: Georg Kreisler | Character Design, Concept: Nana Swiczinsky | 3D Modeling: Conrad Tambour |


ECHO | Renate Kordon | 00:04:30 | 2013

Light lines and dots carved into modelling clay. A rendezvous with the ovary princess and black holes, trails of light in the cosmos of inner and outer space. Echo in the darkness of the night and the metamorphoses of the stars.

Animation, Editing: Renate Kordon | Original music, sound design: Judith Gruber-Stitzer (NFB Montreal) |


EXTERIOR EXTENDED | Siegfried A. Fruhauf | 00:09:00 | 2013

„It is impossible to clarify the relation between subjective inner world and outer, however „Exterior Extended“ wants to generate a lustful experience, to make a part of this relationship visible. An essence that relies on the stimulus, uses optical phenomena and celebrates pure cinema.“ (Siegfried A. Fruhauf)

Animation, Editing: Siegfried A. Fruhauf | Music: Jürgen Gruber
Distribution: Sixpack Film -


FAMILY PORTRAIT | Birgit Scholin | 00:03:21 | 2013
ASIFA Austria Award (main prize)  at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013

A prehistoric grave in the museum of natural history in Vienna still remains a secret for archeologists. It consists of a man and two woman with four children of various age. Their posture implies, that they were burried alive.

Animation: Birgit Scholin | Music: Frederic Broderip | Editing: Birgit Scholin
Production: University of Applied Arts in Vienna -


fragile | Vera Wittkowsky & Elisabeth Gschaider | 00:04:11 | 2011

Fragility and voicelessness through marginalizing gender norms, shown through a simulated 3D visualization of a stage performance. The structure of „fragile“ is based on Paul Auster’s novel City of Glass.

Animation, Editing: Vera Wittkowsky und Elisabeth Gschaider | Sound: Vera Wittkowsky
Production: HTL Spengergasse - Vienna -



“Some scientists make us believe, we are living in a flat grainy pancake universe. But where would then the symmetries come from?”

Animation: Christian Magnes, Rudi Friemel, Nikola Tasic
Music : Karl Salzmann | Voice: Alexander Tschernek | Compositing: Nikola Tasic
Production: Quantum Cinema (a PEEK project funded by the FWF, mentored by Peter Weibel) 


GEFÜLLTES KAMEL - Stuffed Camel | Skero | 00:01:09 | 2013

Animated cooking recipe

Animation, Editing: Skero | Music: Ernst Kölz | Sound: Skero, Gerhard Lenz | Recipe: Clemens Foschi |


GINGER'S BIRTHDAY | Toni Weiss (arx anima) | 00:01:12 | 2013

Talking Ginger, the cutest little kitten in the world, nephew to Talking Tom and the youngest of the loveable Talking Friends, is turning 5 and it‘s time for the best surprising birthday party ever. See how Ginger tries to steal his own birthday cake ;)

Animation: arx anima | Music: “Slippery Slope” von Steve Sidwell | Sound: Soundfeiler | Editing: arx anima
Production: arx anima |


HAUSMUSIK - Home Music | Daniela Zeilinger & Uli Kühn | 00:01:32 | 2011

„Hausmusik“ was produced at KOFOMI #16, a festival for new music in Mittersill/Austria. The project refers to the musical pervasion of the house where rehearsals took place: its remarkable furnishing finds its own, autonomous musical expression.

Animation: Daniela Zeilinger | Music, Sound: Uli Ku?hn | Editing: Daniela Zeilinger / Uli Kühn


IMPULSE | Reinhold Bidner & Georg Hobmeier | 00:03:43 | 2013

A performative and audiovisual experimental film: currents of electricity and its production were analyzed and introduced into a human host via electrodes. The resulting impulses and physical motions were recorded in the powerplant Wien Simmering. The visual material was then animated, edited and mixed with Max Bense‘s text „technical existence“ (written in 1949).

Animation: Reinhold Bidner | Music: Juan A. Romero | Sound: Juan A. Romero, Reinhold Bidner | Performer: Georg Hobmeier


MEERSCHWEINCHEN REZEPT - Recipe for Guinea Pig | Skero | 00:01:09 | 2012

Animated cooking recipe

Animation, Editing: Skero | Music: Ernst Kšlz | Sound: Skero, Gerhard Lenz | Recipe: Clemens Foschi |


METUBE: August sings Carmen „Habanera“ | Daniel Moshel | 00:04:00 | 2013

„MeTube” is an homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers. No less than George Bizet’s Habanera from „Carmen” has been reinterpreted and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.

3D-Animation: Christoph Schinko | Gesang: August Schram | Music: Bernhard Drax | Editing: Christin Veith
Production: Moshel Film | Distribution: Sixpack Film - | |


NACHTSCHICHT- Night Shift | Kathrin Pordzik | 00:03:00 | 2013

The viewer gets to see a nurse‘s long typical night shift in a hospital. The tone of the film is rather sombre.

Animation, Music, Editing: Kathrin Pordzik | Sound: Kathrin Pordzik, Masha Dabelka
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna -


NOZIZEPTOR - Nociceptor | Mariela Schöffmann | 00:02:00 | 2013

Nociceptor tells about these magical moments, which seem futile. But they're not. These are instances when ideas grow up. Nociceptor is the sense pain, pain line.

Animation, Music, Sound, Editing: Mariela Schöffmann
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - |


ONE CLICK AWAY | Chaos Beyond & mhz TV | 00:03:53 | 2013

„One Click Away“ is the third video of Vienna based metal-band „Chaos Beyond“. It criticises and humorously comments social media.

Animation: mhz TV | Music: Chaos Beyond | Editing: mhz TV | Assistence: Felicitas Grabner |


PARASIT | Nikki Schuster | 00:07:32 | 2013
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Experimental Animation”

„Parasit“ is an experimental film animated with objects found in the natural environment of the Argentina.
Hybrids composed of discarded refuse, insect wings, bones, hair and plant particles germinate
within the nooks and crannies of rocks, tree hollows and cactus beds. Creeping, crawling and
oozing, these organic-synthetic mutants multiply and evolve, luring the viewer deeper into an
inner sub-cosmos. In this micro-universe the metamorphosis intensifies, until the gaze is released into the innocent daylight again. The circulation begins afresh.

Animation, Sound Design: Nikki Schuster | Music: Billy Roisz | Sound Mix: Sebastian Mu?ller
Production: Fiesfilm Berlin | Distribution: Sixpack Film - |


PROXIMITY | Kristin Müller, Peter Affenzeller, Manuel Preuss | 00:02:50 | 2013

„Proximity“ was produced by students at the University of Applied Science in Upper Austria (Campus Hagenberg) during their first semester in the „Digital Arts“ masters program. „Proximity“ visualizes the fight between an organic and a technical world.

Animation, Music, Sound, Editing: Kristin Müller, Peter Affenzeller, Manuel Preuss
Production: FH Hagenberg - | | | |


REVIEW | Holger Lang | 00:03:00 | 2013

This short abstract animation is a geometric composition of circular shapes that change from frame to frame.
The experience of the vibrating patterns can work like a mandala, triggering intense and unexpected sensations.
The entire material for this fi lm is a manipulation and alteration of „found“ and „taken“ images and sounds.

Animation, Sound, Editing: Holger Lang |


STEP FORWARD (Compact Space) | Eni Brandner | 00:02:56| 2013
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Music Video”

A collage of clock-like elements, building up to an organic mechanism, that ultimately only revolves around itself. Video clip for Compact Space.

Animation : Eni Brandner | Music: Compact Space |


THE RIVER | David Kellner | 00:16:00 | 2013
Audience Award  at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013

The River is a silent movie about a man who finishes work on his book of life and then heads out towards utilisation.

Animation, Editing: David Kellner
Produced at: Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - |


THE VISIT | Sabine Pleyel | 00:03:30 | 2013

A visit of a special kind, which changed a lot – and a gift with surprising consequences ....

Animation: Sabine Pleyel | Music: Helmut Th. Stippich / Mischwerk | Sound: Helmut Th. Stippich |


THE WORLD IS RONDO | arx anima | 00:01:52 | 2013

A world of sound in a single unit. „Rondo“ is the world‘s first CI single-unit processor from the company Med-EL. We are proud to have worked on the trailer for this fabulous product, which is a massive improvement and a new opportunity for deaf people.

Animation, Editing: arx anima | Music, Sound: Jan Morgenstern | Executive Producer: Christoph Staber
Line Producer / Supervisor: Martin Hebestreit & Paul Pammesberger |


THERESIA | Thomas Steiner | 00:06:40 | 2013

Theresia is a painted animation movie, that transforms a series of fotographs taken in a church into an abstract painting. The oval room and the cameramovement within turns into a pictorial space allowing various possibilities of perception.

Animation, Music, Sound, Editing: Thomas Steiner | 


THREE SUNS | LIA | 00:07:49 | 2013

With her latest video "Three Suns", LIA invites the viewer on an excursion through a universe of superformulae and mesmerising sounds.
Three dark objects, each with bright orange rays, inhabit a shared space. Constantly in motion, and constantly changing in size, they circle each other, generating a continuous sound that depends upon their relative positions to each other.
As they travel on their separate journeys they leave traces, which over time are overwritten and blend into one another, evoking a vision of infinity.

Animation, Music: LIA |



TREMOLO NON TROPPO | Remo Rauscher & Lucyna Kolendo | 00:01:55 | 2013
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Music & Sound”

A film about conquering the inner fear of failure in front of a rather hostile audience. The musical term „tremolo" describes a tremulous or vibrating effect produced on bowed string instruments. In order to express this concept, the film’s sound design is based entirely on the abstract use of original cello recordings and additional knife sounds. The film was created thanks to a collaboration between Lucyna Kolendo (PL) & Remo Rauscher (AT) and was produced as a graduation film at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (PL) under the supervision of prof. Tomasz Bogusławski.

Animation: Remo Rauscher and Lucyna Kolendo | Music: Natalia Kasperczyk
Production: Academy of Fine Art Gdańsk - |


VIRTUAL WATER | Christoph Neuhold | 00:02:50 | 2011
Honorable Mention at BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION 2013 in category “Digital Technique”

As Virtual water describes the amount of water used/wasted during the production process of different goods, the digital
compositing of cg liquids and its digital creation had priority in this video. Aspects of emotional design and the data concerning virtual water had to be used right and convincing.

Animation: Christoph Neuhold | Music: Trifonic
Production: FH Joanneum Graz - - |


WANDERING STAR (Bomb the Bass) | Eni Brandner | 00:05:14 | 2013

Two men on a spaceship, randomly drifting through a surreal universe, after giving up on their quest to find any other form of life. While a ‚wandering star‘ is trying to convince them otherwise. Video clip for Bomb The Bass.

Animation: Eni Brandner | Music: Bomb The Bass |


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