Maya Yonesho

Maya Yonesho

Experimental animation director.

Born in Hyogo, Japan. After working as a fine art teacher at junior high school for 6 years, she went back to university to study Conceptual Art and Animation based on Japanese Paintings. M.A. in Fine Art.

Since 1997 she has been making abstract animation synchronize with language, sounds and music about the theme – we can understand each other without necessarily understanding each other’s language. Her films often use images from her daily life made while visiting or living in foreign countries.

„Introspection“ (1998) was made in the United Kingdom, “Üks Uks“ (2003) in Estonia, and „Wiener Wuast“ (2006) was made in Austria.“Wiener Wuast” was shot in Vienna with real view, with drawing in her hand.

She has done workshop in the same way in Taiwan, Norway, Croatia, Israel, Kyoto Poland, Italy and more. She has been a lecturer of Kyoto Seika University from 2000. Lives in Stuttgart, Germany.