Artist in Residence 2017:

Andrea Robles

Drawings by Liene Rubane

Andrea Robles ist im April und Mai auf Einladung von ASIFA AUSTRIA Artist in Residence im Museumsquartier in Wien.

Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Filmstill
Andrea Robles Making-of
Andrea Robles Making-of
Andrea Robles Making-of

„During my stay at the Q21 residency I will be directly working on the 3 piece video installation, which corresponds to the experimental animation project: Fantástico Encarnado, an inventory of the strangely familiar, which will be exhibited during the VIS Festival.
The installation pieces are the following:

III In-animata
V El artificio
VI Elevador

I will work on adapting these pieces according to the specific space assigned to Fantástico Encarnado, for exhibition. Concurrently, I will be developing the previous stage of the sound installation, deriving from the public participation. Such installation will be generated with the public interaction, during the week of the installation’s exhibition.
Given that Fantástico Encarnado is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s 1919 essay, “Das Unheimliche,“ it will be extremely beneficial to be in Vienna. Having access to the Sigmund Freud Museum not only will provide the context and allow access to the archive but it will also present the unrepeatable opportunity to close the project in a forceful manner.“

Andrea Robles

download: Fantástico Encarnado (project description)


Born, Mexico City 1976.
She holds a Master of Arts degree in Transmedia: Postgraduate Program in Art, Media and Design from Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussels. She obtained a degree in Communication Sciences from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education.
In 2002 she formed the creative duo Doble A, with the artist Adriana Bravo. They developed a strong body of work as collaborators until 2012. Their award-winning animations were exhibited in international festivals and art spaces, including in Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Canada and the United States.
In 2004 she received the Young Creators grant from the Arts and Culture National Fund. In 2008 she was awarded the New Media Arts Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation. That same year, she received the funding Support Program for Production and Research in Art and Media from the Multimedia Center of CNART. Robles was also a commissioned artist for first Animasivo Festival and for a curatorship for the Telefónica Foundation.
Her work is intimate, obscure, and auto reflective with pieces that explore the intersection between the animated film and video installation.
Since 2012 she teaches at institutions of higher education; she has been a jury and tutor for the Encourage Artistic Creation and Development in the Audiovisual Media Program and in the Applied Arts Program for the Arts and Culture National Fund.
Currently she is part of the National System of Art Creators and she is producing Fantástico Encarnado an animated and passable inventory that manifests the feeling of the uncanny, which will be exhibited in 2017. She lives and works in Mexico City.


Inventario Fantástico Encarnado, animation-video installations, 2016-2017.
Fill the void, live cinema 2013.
Long Live Supernatural! The history Experimental animation, live cinema 2013.
Horror Vacui, animation film, 2011.
Blackout, sound installation, 2011.
Simultaneous Absolution, animation-video installations, 2012.
Instantes, animation-video installation, 2009
El fish, animation film, 2008.
Microftalmía, animation film, 2005.
3 Days, video, 2004.
Anatomy of a moth, animation film, 2003.
Contemplation, video, 2002.
Lost Sight animation film, 2002.


2016, Long Live Super Natural! Live cinema, Contemporary Art Gallery of Xalapa, Veracruz MX.
2014, Long Live Super Natural! Live cinema, Mexican Center for Music and Art Sound,
Morelia MX.
2013, Fill the void, Live cinema show, Goethe Institut, Mexico City.
2013, Long Live Super Natural! Live cinema show, Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City.
2012, Simultaneous Absolution: self-portraits in motion, Espacio Simon I. Patiño, La Paz Bolivia.
2007, Anatomy of a Moth: experimental animation, Royal Saint Carlos Academy of Arts,
Mexico City.


2013, video installation  „Instantes“, Art O’Clock Foire d’art contemporain du Paris.
2013, video installation “Instantes”, in exhibition Art and Animation,
University Museum of Chopo.
2010, video installation “Instantes”, in Multimédia Center, National Centre for the Arts.
2009-2010, video installation “Instantes” XXXV Biennale de Monterrey of Contemporary Art.
2009, video installation “Instantes” Biennale SIART of Contemporary Art, La Paz, Bolivia.
2009 and 2004 Sélection officielle du XXV and XX Festival International Interfilm Berlin.
2009, Sélection officielle, Festival International du Cinéma d’Animation d’Annecy.
2008 and 2002 Alucine Toronto Latin Media Film Festival.
2008, 2006 and 2004, Festival International de Cinéma de Morelia.
2008, “Mexico, New York, Paris”, International Video Program, Estación Indianilla Museum, Mexico City.
2008, “Dos visiones sobre Mexico”, Sala Parpalló, Valence Spain.
2008, Interactive Museum of Economy, XXIV Historic Centre Festival of Mexico City.
2007 and 2005, 16th and 15th, International Contemporary Art Festival Videobrasil,
Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2007, 9th Convocation of Young Artists International, Gallery Luis Adelantado, Valence, Spain
2007, Rencontres Internationales Paris, Madrid, Berlin: Centre Georges Pompidou, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Babilón Mitte.
2007, Festival Loop VideoArt Barcelona, CCCB, MACBA, Barcelona Spain.
2007, Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores , Granada Spain.
2006, Zonema 2006 Zone Chelsea Center of the Arts, New York.
2006, L’Alternativa, 13º Festival of Independent Cinema, Barcelona.
2006 and 2004 4th and 2nd National Contest of Experimental Video, VIDEOFEST 26k,
Baja California, Mexico.
2006, 22nd International Short Film Festival, Hamburg Germany.
2005, 01Transitio_MX, International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video.
2005, Cuadro, 3rd Short Film Biennale Mexico.
2005 Festival ANTIMATTER program Foreign Matter: Last trends in Mexican experimental video, Victoria Canada.
2004, II CONART 2004, Contemporary Art Biennale, Bolivia.
2004, VII International Film Festival Expresión en corto, Guanajuato Mexico.
2004, VI Salon of Digital Art, La Habana Cuba.
2003, Zona Ilimitada, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico.
2002, International Film Festival Voladero, Cineteca of Nuevo León, Mexico.
2002, International Festival of Electronic Arts: Vidarte, National Mail Palace, Mexico.


2014-2017, Grant from the National System of Art Creators
2010, Promotion and Co-investment Fellowship, National Fund for Culture and the Arts.
2009, First place in the Graphic Arts category, SIART Biennale of Contemporary Art in Bolivia.
2008, New media Arts Fellowship Tribeca Film Institute sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation and Movie City.
2008, Winner of the Support for Art and Media Production, National Centre of the Arts.
2008, Commissioned work in the 1st edition of Animasivo Festival.
2007 / 2005, Official Selection State of Art in the 15th y 16th International Electronic Festival Videobrasil, Sao
Paulo Brazil.
2007 Invitation to Berlin, Rencontres Internacionales Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Babilon Mitte, Berlin.
2007, Selection in the Ninth International Young Artists Call, Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia Spain.
2006 / 2004 first place in the IV and II VIDEOFEST National Contest of Experimental Video, Baja California.
2006, Special Mention of the Jury 22nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival.
2006, Honorable Mention in the XXVI National Meeting of Young Art, Mexico.
2005, First place in the Animation category. Third Short Film Biennale in Mexico City.
2004, Young Creators Grant 2004‐2005, National Fund for Culture and the Arts.