Daniel Šuljić:




Die Installation „Unter welchem Stein sind die wohl hervorgekrochen“ ist keine optimistische. Die Synopsis sagt: „Dunkelheit kommt und bald füllt sie den ganzen Raum“. Wir sehen Tiere, die in der westlichen Kultur Böses darstellen, wie sie immer mehr und mehr aus ihren Verstecken hervortreten und herauskriechen bis die ganze Welt mit ihrer dunklen Agenda verdeckt ist. Dabei tragen sie ihre eigene Wahrheit in sich, auch wenn es sich um Fake News handelt und sie verfolgen ihr Ziel sehr zielsicher.
Die Installation gibt es auch als „reguläre“ Kinofassung. Die für die Ausstellung verwendete Version in einer Blackbox, oder noch besser in einem Raum mit 4 weißen Wänden, die im Ablauf des Installationsloops dann total schwarz verdeckt werden ist die Quintessenz dieses Stückes.

Im Rahmen der Ausstellungseröffnung wird er eine Auswahl seiner Kurzfilme sowie einige seiner Lieblingsfilme präsentieren, die sich alle auf das Motto der Vienna Art Week “Making Truth” beziehen.

Daniel Šuljić ist der künstlerische Leiter des renommierten Animationsfestivals Animafest Zagreb.

“Darkness is coming and soon it will fill up the whole room,” reads the installation synopsis. We see animals typically depicted as evil in Western culture creep out of their hiding places until the whole world has been eclipsed by their dark agenda. They have their own inherent truth, even if it’s fake news, and pursue their goal assiduously. Shown in a space with four white walls covered entirely in black as the installation loop plays, the black-box installation touches on the very essence of this piece.

The opening will feature a screening of Daniel Šuljić’s cinematic work along with some of his favorite films, all of which relate to the Vienna Art Week motto “Making Truth.”


The Cake - Daniel Šuljić
The Cake | Daniel Šuljić | 1997 | 8 min

A group of people gathers together around a table to celebrate. A cake is beiing divided but unluckily not in equal pieces…

Pride of Strathmoor – Einar Baldwin
Pride of Strathmoor | Einar Baldwin | 2015 | 8 min

The Pride of Strathmoor, is an artful and complex animated short that crawls into your mind and refuses to leave. Set in Strathmoor, Georgia, the film brings to life the ramblings and mounting mania of Baldvin’s character, Pastor John Deitman. It is a visceral depiction, and Baldvin’s art magnifies the violence of the pastor’s racial obsession.

Transparency - Daniel Šuljić
Transparency | Daniel Šuljić | 2015 | 6 min

Moving through a world filled with scanners and surveillance algorithms, while frivolously using different social networks, online forms and credit cards, the man of today gives away his privacy voluntarily. A decent citizen has nothing to hide. Only criminals do

Get real! – Evert de Beijer
Get real! | Evert de Beijer | 2010 | 10 min

A high-school kid is addicted to a computer game where he protects a sexy mega singer against all kinds of attack and „wins“ her love. But this addiction comes at the cost of his homework and his sense of reality, until a girl in his class gives him a real kiss.

Evening Star – Daniel Šuljić
Evening Star | Daniel Šuljić | 1993 | 4 min

An experimental animated film, debute film from 1993.

Sangre de unicornio (Unicorn Blood) – Alberto Vazquez
Sangre de unicornio (Unicorn Blood)r | Alberto Vazquez | 2013 | 9 min

Two bears go hunting unicorns, their preferred prey. Unicorns have soft meat and blood with a delicious blueberry flavor that bears need to stay beautiful.

The Other - Marta Magnuska
The Other | Marta Magnuska | 2018 | 5 min

While waiting for the arrival of the mysterious newcomer, people keep on guessing who is he. The blury vision of the stranger takes shape the way his presence feels almost real. The initial excitement of the crowd turns into anxiety.