Ivana & Thomas Volda: Stillness Transcending Motion


Stillness Transcending Motion ist eine experimentelle Performance-Animation von Ivana und Thomas Volda. Während der Performance wird Ivana eine experimentelle Animation mit Fotografien und anderen Materialien erstellen, um neue verzerrte Bilder zu erzeugen. Die Animation ist Teil der Szenografie eines anderen Raumes, indem Thomas mit einer Marionette darauf reagiert und interagiert, während er die Puppe mit Lehm transformiert.
Die Performance-Animation ist eine Reflexion der mäandernden Gedanken und der Selbstreflexion der Künstler:innen. Stillness Transcending Motion ist sowohl ein Manifest der Selbstheilung als auch eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Dualität von Animationsfilm und Live-Performance.

Die Animationen, Bilder und anderen „Spuren“, die während der Performance entstehen, werden im ASIFAKEIL in den MQ Schauräumen ausgestellt. Die Eröffnung dieser Ausstellung findet im Rahmen des ASIFA Österreich Empfangs im MQ Raum D statt.

Eine Kooperation von ASIFA Austria und Vienna Shorts


Stillness Transcending Motion is a durational experimental performance-animation by Ivana and Thomas Volda. During the performance Ivana will create experimental animation utilising photographs and other materials to generate new distorted imagery. The animation will be displayed as part of the scenography communing from another space with a puppet of Thomas. Simultaneously, Thomas animates a puppet of himself reacting with the animated environment, all the while becoming transformed with the introduction of clay.
This animation performance work is a reflection of the artists’ meandering thoughts and introspection. Stillness Transcending Motion is a manifestation of self-healing as well as an examination between the duality of an animated film and live performance.
The animations, pictures and other “traces“ produced during the performance will be exhibited at ASIFAKEIL. The opening of this exhibition will be part of the ASIFA Austria Reception.
A cooperation of ASIFA Austria and Vienna Shorts.


Ivana Volda (1983, Karlovac, Croatia) graduated from the Graphics department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and from the Animation department at the University in Volda, Norway.
Thomas Volda (Bath, England, 1984) graduated from Time Based Media department at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, and from the New Media department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.
The couple met in Volda, Norway in 2010 after which they moved together to Zagreb and have since worked in collaboration on a number of projects. In addition to making her own animated short films, Ivana has been professionally involved in various stop motion projects across Europe, and has led animation workshops for children and students. Thomas continues to utilise his multidisciplinary background often combining animation and performance art disciplines into his work. He has created puppet performances at international festivals and galleries across Europe. In 2023, together with friend Iva Kraljević, they have established an artist organisation named Underfeather.