Nöel Palazzo: HOW WOULD I KNOW?

The wacky evolution of ideas

Kalle Laar: VOID

In a block Universe, where distant observers can slice spacetime as they please, scientific discussions between the greatest minds in history are customary. From Aristotle to Newton, from Avicenna to Dirac, our peculiar host has put together the perfect dream-team to find an answer to our deepest questions… or at least, to give us tools to pose even better ones.

This animation project seeks to narrate in first person the fascinating stories behind scientific discovery, full of mystery, shortcomings, and weird revelations. More than the final answer, it highlights the importance of questioning one’s beliefs, seeking diverse and reliable sources, cherishing the importance of dialogue, and fundamentally, being both open-minded and critical.

Project created by Nöel Palazzo in collaboration with Diego Margarit. Huge thanks to Ana Santos.