Extraordinary lectures by animation historian; scriptwriter; illustrator; writer; director OLIVIER COTTE from France and artist, director and head of the Media Institute at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest JÓZSEF FÜLÖP from Hungary. Spend your high-noon on the weekend with inspiring insights and perceptions.

Samstag, 26.5. und Sonntag 27.5.2018 – 12:00 – MuseumsQuartier – Raum D / quartier



Samstag, 26.5.2018 12:00 – High Noon Talk

Olivier Cotte: Narrative times and spaces in Peter Tscherkassky’s films

Peter Tscherkassky uses past rolls of film(s) to make today’s shorts. This work on memory and rewriting is twisted by his unique narrative technique. Whatever we work on literature, music, film, or any art dealing with time (we don’t include most of fine art forms), we follow a temporal line starting at the beginning and ending at the very last word, note or image. The story is all about the way the internal components are put together, in what order, and how the rhythm is managed. Time makes a story possible.

Sonntag, 27.5.2018 12:00 – High Noon Talk

József Fülöp: Create a world – find a story – or something else?

Developing linear and nonlinear narrative structures and character-based animation.
To create an imaginary world, with its protagonist and characters seems the first steps regarding content development before the classical story writing. It is very suitable for creative talents, who are more familiar with visual languages (like character design, concept art, etc.) than proper story-line development. What type of content could be born during that process, how could it be related to the convergent media platforms.