UNDER the RADAR 2018

24. – 28. Mai 2018

UNDER the RADAR 2018
Vom Abend des 24. Mai bis Mittags am 28. Mai wird zum 8. Mal in Wien das “Under-the-Radar” Symposium & Festival abgehalten.

In 2018 we are surveying and discussing “The Narrative Challenge” from multiple angles. When you think about a mediated experience, an audio-visual project, animation, art or film production, the question of “the story” is an essential element during development, completion, and promotion of your venture. Where does a narrative begin, where does it end and is there something like the non-narrative?

mit Tomm Moore von Cartoon Saloon in Irland, Olivier Cotte aus Frankreich, József Fülöp von MOME-Budapest in Ungarn, Thomas Mayer-Hermann von Studio-Filmbilder aus Deutschland, Olga Bobrowska, Alexis Hunot, Xenorama, Martina Fröschl, Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero, Nikita Diakur, Zeynep Akcay, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Chunning (Maggie) Guo, Nora El Bekri

Neben dem internationalen Symposium zum Thema “The Narrative Challenge” werden Ausstellungen von “Xenorama” und Nikita Diakur präsentiert.
Im Festivalkino werden wir an drei Abende Spezialprogramme zeigen.

Donnerstag, 24.5.2018

19:00   Eröffnung in der Galerie Sternstudio
mit Ausstellungseröffnung  XENORAMA – RADIX

Freitag, 25.5.2018, Raum D / quartier21

10:30 – Breakfast with Jens & Stefan
11:00 – Xenorama: Overview of the history and status of sites-specific narrations
through the technology of Projection Mapping
12:00 – Nikita Diakur: Ugly Aesthetics & Dynamic Animation

13:00 – Olga Bobrowska: Follow the Demon Monkey.
Reading Havoc in Heaven through Rick Altman’s Theory of Narrative
13:40 – Alexis Hunot: Still a fight!
14:10 – Chunning (Maggie) Guo: The Story of First Person:
Recovering Autobiographical Memory through Animated Documentary Ketchup

Screening im Metro Kinokulturhaus:

17:00 – Radar International 1 – STOPTRIK IFF SELECTION
19:00 – Radar International 2 – FRANCE SELECTION
21:00 – Radar International 3 – CHINA SELECTION

Samstag, 26.5.2018, Raum D / quartier21

10:30 – Breakfast with Jens & Stefan
11:15 – Nora El Bekri: TVPaint – Introduction & Demonstration
12:00High Noon Talk: Olivier Cotte: Narrative times and spaces in Peter Tscherkassky’s films

13:10 – Benjamin Swiczinsky: Animating in Austria
13:35 – Thomas Meyer-Hermann: It’s all about Studio FILM BILDER
14:00 – Tomm Moore: The 20 year history of Cartoon Saloon –
and how we developed projects from a small country for a global audience
14:25 – Get It Off The Ground – Local Animation in a Global Environment
Panel Discussion with Tomm Moore, Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Benjamin Swiczinsky

Screening im Metro Kinokulturhaus:

18:00Tricky Women goes Radar
20:00 – Cartoon Saloon Special with Tomm Moore

Sonntag, 27.5.2018, Raum D / quartier21

10:30 – Radar Pitch – Project Slam

12:00High Noon Talk: József Fülöp: Create a world – find a story – or something else?

13:10 – Zeynep Akcay: Animation, Ludonarrative Dissonance and Narrative Immersion:
A Case Study of Anytown: Garage Sale Monsters
13:40 – Martina Fröschl: Narration in Scientific Visualizations
of the Science Visualization Lab Angewandte
14:20 – Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero: The phenomenological experience of
Post-Newtonian physics through experimental animation

RADAR AWARDS im Metro Kinokulturhaus:

18:00Radar Sielecki Award – Contemporary Austrian Animated Experiments 2018
20:00Radar Award 2018 – Student Film Competition

Montag, 28.5.2018, Raum D / quartier21

10:30 – Breakfast with Jens & Stefan
11:00Opening Exhibition – ASIFAKEIL: Nikita Diakur – Ugly Dynamic Animation
12:00 – High Noon Farewell RADAR Drinks

Galerie Sternstudio

Mayergasse 7, 1020 Wien

Metro Kinokulturhaus

Johannesgasse 4 / 1010 Wien

Raum D / quartier21 / Electric Avenue

MuseumsQuartier Wien / Museumsplatz 1/5, A-1070 Wien / Austria